Our Statement Regarding Coronavirus

We like to focus on fun and didn’t want to add to the stress that people are feeling, therefore we were not planning on making a statement, but we have been asked frequently enough what our plans are due to COVID-19 that we feel it should be addressed. 

At this time, for the safety of our guests and staff we have closed our store and launched our virtual game Ready Mayor One. Once we reopen we will continue our normal practices of sanitizing  the facility, cleaning the rooms after each game and continue to request that guest disinfect their hands before they enter the game. 

We can't wait to see all of your faces online!
-Mayor Rob & Alison

Rock Ave has become an industry leader and innovator in virtual escape rooms! Some of the reviews:

  • "Ready Mayor One is leading the way for virtualized escape rooms"
  • "This was what I envisioned/ wanted when I thought about a virtual escape room"
  • "Ready Mayor One was a clinic in the importance of context and execution"
  • "This is how virtual games should be run"
  • "Rock Avenue Escape Room is helping to lead the industry through this very challenging time"
  • "Mayor" Rob, makes this so much more than just a "basic escape game"

As Featured on Bloomberg Businessweek and ABC Action News

Bloomberg Businessweek featured Rock Ave and our live online escape room!
Owners Rob and Alison talk with ABC Action News about taking their escape room online.


We take your fun seriously, which is why all our games are private, and you will never be booked in with strangers. We also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you are not satisfied at any time we will give you a full refund, so reserve your game today with confidence that you will have a fantastic experience! Once you book a room, it becomes yours. If you need to add more people they can pay on arrival or you can call us to assist. 

Give the Gift of an Experience

Our Games

Ready Mayor One: Apartment A.I. (Virtual)

Ready Mayor Two: A Matter of Time (Virtual)

Ready Mayor Two: A Matter of Time (Virtual)

Our online virtual escape room!

Art mimics real life! The residents of Davinport are nowhere to be seen, however, our fearless Mayor is still trying to solve the mystery of what happened to Dominic Fontana, but he can't do it himself! Log in and help be his eyes and ears! Solve the puzzles, put together the clues and have a great time solving Apartment A.I. all from the comfort of your living room!

Ready Mayor Two: A Matter of Time (Virtual)

Ready Mayor Two: A Matter of Time (Virtual)

Ready Mayor Two: A Matter of Time (Virtual)


It's A Conspiracy!!

Our intrepid town reporter and blogger, who some consider a conspiracy theorist, is convinced that Dominic Fontana has built a time machine. and that the craziness in the world  is due to Dominic's time travel &

the impact  on the time-space continuum.

 Beware, Dominic may  have a partner helping him!

Apartment A.I.

Ready Mayor Two: A Matter of Time (Virtual)

History Mystery

The best escape room in New Port Richey and Trinity are located at Rock Ave.

Dominic Fontana has gone missing, and we need you to figure out what has happened to him. Break into his apartment and investigate, but watch out for a high tech nemesis, A.L.I., who will try to throw you off the trail.

History Mystery

Masters of the Mine

History Mystery

Looking for a fun time in Trinity? Rock Avenue Escape Room is rated one of the best in Tampa Bay.

Ever since Dominic has gone missing strange things have been happening in town. Uncover the town's rich history in our Historical Society, but beware, A.L.I. isn't going to make it easy.

Drew's Brews

Masters of the Mine

Masters of the Mine

One of the best fun things near me in New Port Richey!

COMING SOON!! It's the most happening place in town, but there's something odd about this nightclub. Dig deep to discover the secrets hidden in our little town, but watch out for A.L.I.

Masters of the Mine

Masters of the Mine

Masters of the Mine

Our Mobile Escape Room that we bring to you! We can accommodate up to 50 players.

We bring the escape room to you! In this table top game teams work together to beat their opponents and discover who uncovered the treasure in the Davinport Mine. This game can accommodate up to 50 players!

The History of Davinport

Rock Avenue Escape Room invites you to investigate the Town of Davinport.

Rock Avenue, aptly named after the region's stone quarries, runs through the center of this quaint town. Many buildings in Davinport use Rock Ave as their address, including a cafe, the Town Hall, an apartment building, the Davinport Historical Society and the ever popular Drew's Brews nightclub!

Recently some odd things have happened, and one of our beloved residents has gone missing.

Davinport needs your help! Why did Dominic Fontana disappear?  What are all these strange occurrences?

Who is behind it all and what are they planning?

As you explore the locations along Rock Avenue, you and your team will help put the pieces together, solving puzzles and games, and restore tranquility to this once quiet town.

If you would like to know more information about the Town of Davinport be sure to check out the Historical Society's blog at:

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  1. All games must start on time! Please be sure to arrive 15 minutes early. This will give you time to check-in, use the restroom, receive any instructions and be ready to go! Refunds will not be given if you arrive late. 
  2. All games are booked as private. If you would like additional people to join your group, please call us at 727-264-8359.
  3. If you need to reschedule or cancel please call us. Time slots can only be rescheduled with 48 hours notice and we will do our best to find a new time slot that works for you. We do not offer refunds for cancellations but if cancelled with 48 hours notice, we can put a credit on your account with us for a future booking. 
  4. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or appears to be.