Art mimics real life! There has been a virus in our small town of Davinport, and sadly everyone is being quarantined, however, our fearless Mayor is still trying to solve the mystery of what happened to Dominic Fontana, but he can't do it himself! Log in and help be his eyes and ears! Solve the puzzles, put together the clues and have a great time solving Apartment A.I. all from the comfort of your living room! 

Ready Mayor One is an online escape room that takes place in an actual real life escape room. And you access it from the comfort of your home. 

Important: This game will be played from your home via an internet connection. You are NOT playing on-site at Rock Ave Escape Room. You will guide your in-room avatar via voice commands and you will see what they see. You will also have access to two cameras mounted in the center of each room that you can pan and tilt. 

You will need a computer or smart device with access to Google Hangouts. This will require a google account. They are free. If you don't have one, please create one before your adventure begins. 

To minimize lag, please turn off your camera. We don't need to see you during the adventure, but you need to see us!

There are 2 extra/optional cameras with a bird's eye view of each room that you can control with pan/tilt/zoom for a full 360 degree look around the rooms. If you want to use those, you will need a smart phone or tablet and the MIPC app that is free in the google play store, or Apple App store. Please download this ahead of time if you wish to use it. 

If you choose to use these cameras, they have audio available, but this will increase lag. You will want to mute the audio via the app so that you get the best experience. Your audio will come from the google hangout. 

Your ideal setup is a computer running the google hangout and a phone or tablet with the secondary camera app. 

You will also want a way to take notes such as paper and pencil.