Ready Mayor Two: A Matter of Time

It's A Conspiracy!!

Our intrepid town reporter and blogger, who some consider a conspiracy theorist, is convinced that Dominic Fontana has built a time machine. and that the craziness in the world  is due to Dominic's time travel &

the impact  on the time-space continuum.

 Beware, Dominic may  have a partner helping him!

Join us at the Davinport Historical Society to search for proof and help expose the truth! Be our eyes and ears! Solve the puzzles, put together the clues and have a great time solving History Mystery all from the comfort of your living room! 

Ready Mayor Two is an online escape room that takes place in an actual real life escape room. And you access it from the comfort of your home. 

Important: This game will be played from your home via an internet connection. You are NOT playing on-site at Rock Ave Escape Room. You will guide your in-room avatar via voice commands and you will see what they see.  

You will need a computer or smart device with access to Zoom. This will require a Zoom account. They are free. If you don't have one, please create one before your adventure begins. 

There are panoramic views of each room that you can control with pan/tilt/zoom for a full 360 degree look around the rooms. 

You will also have access to a high tech inventory system that shows you the items you find as you go, allows you to search them on your computer/device and lets you interact with keypads and  buttons and other electronics from your device and it remotely triggers the items in the room! You will also have Augmented Reality to help you explore the photos in the Historical Society!

If you have an iOS device make sure to download the Davinport Historical Society app to enhance your visit!!  It includes Augmented Reality for a self-guided tour!!

This is the first of its kind in the industry!


Room Escape Artist:

  • "Ready Mayor One is leading the way for virtualized escape rooms"
  •  "This was what I envisioned/ wanted when I thought about a virtual escape room"
  • "This is how virtual games should be run" 
  • "Ready Mayor One was a clinic in the importance of context and execution"

Escape Authority:

  • "Rock Avenue Escape Room is helping to lead the industry through this very challenging time"
  • "Mayor" Rob, makes this so much more than just a "basic escape game"